George Freeman School is Strathmore's newest K-9 school and will be another excellent choice for parents and families.  George Freeman was a local Strathmore resident and he led a remarkable life. He was a decorated WW II veteran, worked with the environment, volunteered endlessly and he was a Citizen of the Year twice. Those characteristics are part of what we want to embody in George Freeman School.

Foremost, the school will also have a high academic standard, where students will reach their academic potential. We want them to grow in their ability to be good citizens, develop supports from volunteering and we want to build on what George did with environmental stewardship.

We also have a fantastic opportunity because the school is attached to a large Sports Center which allows the students to pursue skill development in a multitude of sports.

All of the students at George Freeman School will work on academic excellence, personal character development, and physical literacy with many active lifestyle choices.

George Freeman School will be open for the 2018-2019 school year.

For more information call 403-934-5121.