from left to right: Yukie Oe (Admissions); Jennifer Bertsch (Principal of Alternative Schools); Adam Pirie (ISS and ELL Support); Geoff Ball (Coordinator), Joann Natalini (Program Liaison); Erin Corbin (Accommodations); Michelle Wiley (Accommodations);

front: Andrea Roberts (Multi-media)

Our dedicated team is here to support you.

Our focus at Golden Hills International is always on helping our international students have a rewarding and fulfilling experience while studying at Golden Hills.

Our International Student Services Team is here to help students, parents, and agents with any questions or concerns. Below are your contacts.

Joann Natalini

Program Liaison

403-934-5121 ext. 2049

Joann is your contact for general program questions, special programs, support for agents and certain communications.

Yukie Oe


403-934-5121 ext. 2050

Yukie is Lead in Admissions. You can contact Yukie with any questions or information requests having to do with the application process, documentation and student fees.

Erin Corbin and Michelle Wiley

Accommodations Coordinators

403-934-5121 ext. 2054

Erin and Michelle provide support for dorm and homestay students and families. You can contact either of them for questions regarding your children, school progress, or any concerns you might have with their dorm or homestay.

Adam Pirie

International Student Academic and ELL Support

Adam supports international students in their academics and career planning. This includes assessing English levels and assisting students and staff in coming up with individualized program plans, including plans to graduate and apply for university programs.

Adam also supports students at the school and home level.

Geoff Ball


403-934-5121 ext. 2042

Geoff is the Coordinator of International Student Services and oversees the ISS team and all ISS financial services.