Pathways Programs - Grade 12+

Pathway 1

This is pre post-secondary study for students who already have a high school diploma or are in their last year of high school. The focus is on achieving an Alberta high school diploma through completion of five mandatory courses within the periods of either February to August or September to February. It is designed to assist students to gain entry into their choice of North American post-secondary programs. Students must be highly motivated and able to adjust quickly to a new culture.

Upon arrival ESL levels, transcripts and academic progress are reviewed to confirm the best placement for the student. Recommendations may be made to remain at the high school level longer in order for the student to reach a level of achievement acceptable to go on to post-secondary education.

In order to be successful in Pathway 1 students must have:

  • pre-approval by Golden Hills International Student Services
  • strong English proficiency (a score of 7 on the IELTS)
  • a transcript that demonstrates that a student has fulfilled the prerequisites for the five diploma courses - support will be given to transfer credits from his or her current official school transcripts
  • an on-time semester start (for students who arrive after February 1st or September 1st (we may recommed that they stay longer).


Pathway 2

This pathway is for students who have already achieved a high school diploma in their home country and are on their way to a North American university or they just want to have an English experience. The second pathway program does not require diploma courses but offers options that will increase language skills.