Standard School

Set in the village of Standard, Standard School is made up of students from the town as well as students who are bussed in from its large farming community.

The high academic focus maintained for may years is supported by a very active community, including parents and business partners. Staff members work as a team to create a program which best suits the needs of each student. In elementary there are some grade levels in different subjects that are combined with others. In these instances there are teacher assistants to help teachers provide as much individual instruction time as possible. Regular volunteers assist with programs as well. At the junior and senior high levels all required courses are provided.

This school is more than just students where academic, athletic and artistic talents are celebrated and encouraged. Parents and students assist in fundraising  and planning in their advisory groups to enhance our programs. A Career Centre teamed with career counseling, computer instruction, and up-to-date technology systems prepare students for their futures.

The atmosphere of caring and safety is enhanced with support programs such as our grade 6 Peer Support Team, Sr. High/Elementary Buddy Program and student counseling services which are actively involved with supporting the program "Schools Are For Everyone" (S.A.F.E.)