Graduating as an Elite! |

Graduating as an Elite!

From the age of 15, Clark Cai knew that he wanted to be a scientist or an engineer. From that moment, his hard work and serious approach to his studies led him to be an outstanding student, and an acclaimed graduate of the Golden Hills School Division Elite Program.

Clark was born in Shiyan City in Hubei province of People’s Republic of China and attended school in his home city, living with his parents throughout his education. In September, 2012 he joined the Elite Program through Golden Hills School Division ( He came to Canada with several goals in mind.  First, to improve his English, second,  to find a strong Math and Science program that would prepare him for Canadian university, and third, to meet new friends.

When he arrived in Canada he was greeted by his new dorm supervisors, advisors, teachers, and school principal.  At first the transition to dormitory life and Canadian schooling was challenging, but soon he became comfortable and found the new experiences enlightening and exciting.

He excelled through the Alberta school system meeting his goal of preparing for university. He wowed his math and science teachers by achieving marks of 99% in Math 31 (calculus), 95% in Math 30-1, and 85% in Physics during his senior year! But while Clark is a serious student, he also learned to enjoy the Canadian culture and traditions while studying and living in our dormitory.

On one trip he camped outdoors during an authentic western style rodeo.  He reveled in watching wild horses buck cowboys off their backs, and sat around the campfire in the evening with his new friends. 

On another occasion he snowboarded in deep, powdery Canadian snow. Racing down the ski hill was fun and he hopes to have another opportunity to try it again soon.

When the Christmas season arrived he enjoyed participating in several Canadian traditions such as setting up and decorating a Christmas tree, having snowball fights with his dorm mates, and feasting on the traditional Canadian Christmas meal of roast turkey.

While we are sad to see Clark move on to his chosen program at The University of British Columbia at Vantage College, where he will study Sciences in preparation for his career in Engineering, we are very proud of his hard work, and wish him all the best!