Jr. High International students learn about education in Canada |

Jr. High International students learn about education in Canada

The "International students partnership" between Crowther Jr. High School and Wheatland Elementary School was off to a great start in November. The junior high international students ventured to Wheatland Elementary to learn about elementary education in Canada. The afternoon began with a visit into a Grade 2 classroom where each international student was paired with a group of Grade 2 students to do some buddy reading. The Grade 2 students took turns reading out loud to their guests showing off their reading fluency and comprehension. This was a great benefit to these young learners as well as the new Canadian learners as they followed along and became engaged in literacy.

The next stop was to a Grade 1 classroom where a story was read out loud and students did some role playing of the content of the book. The Grade 1's were most excited to demonstrate their acting skills to the junior high visitors. The last stop was to a Grade 6 math classroom where some of the Grade 6 math curriculum was reviewed and demonstrated, and they had a discussion of the differences in math instruction and concepts comparatively. As this was an older group of students, the conversations were also able to venture into cultural customs and traditions.

This proved to be a wonderful learning experience for the Grade 6 students, as they were able to broaden their perspective and deepen their global cultural understanding in meaningful ways.

This is a great partnership with benefits for all involved and everybody looks forward to the next adventure!