Loving Golden Hills and Canada! |

Loving Golden Hills and Canada!

The following is an interview with Kornelia Hutnan from Drumheller Valley Secondary School:

Hi there! Let me introduce myself at first. My name is Kornelia Hutnan (Kornélia Hutňanová) and I'm all my way from small European country Slovakia. I have decided to visit Canada as an international student a few months ago. The main reason of my journey was simply to learn another language from native speakers, seek new experiences and get familiar with another culture. As a seventeen years old I can already say that I have been to many countries like Africa, UAE, China, USA, but I was always dreaming about going somewhere whole alone for a longer period. I had never felt comfortable with speaking in English as I had to think about what I wanted say before saying it out loud. I wanted to improve and make a progress with my writing as well.

Canada is a country of multiculturalism and that supported my decision even more. There is a high chance that you will meet somebody from your homeland. I can't explain how surprised I was when I realized that my social class teacher is Slovakian!

DVSS international programme has a great opportunity to meet new people and try another educational system. I have made friends from different countries and I found teachers very kind and helpful anytime I needed help. Huge thanks for helping me to adapt in the new place so far to all of them!

Now, when my staying in there is almost over, I'm incredibly sad to say goodbye and leave this place. I would recommend this programme to all of the students from around the world that are interested in a new adventure. Once you leave your home and fly to an unknown place, your thinking will change. You will see a bigger picture of the reality as you will gain a new perspective of living. Travelling is the best way of education as you can see the world through another lens.

Thanks DVSS for the most memorable moments of my life! I can't say nothing but LOVE CANADA!

And a few sentences in Slovakian :

Ahoj! Volám sa Nela a aktuálne študujem v kanadskom meste Drumheller. Týmto by som chcela pozdraviť zopár ľudí tam späť doma a zároveň povzbudiť študentov aby sa nebáli cestovania do zahraničia. Som veľmi rada, že som sa rozhodla ísť do tohto programu a už teraz uvažujem o návrate. Program mi umožnil preskočiť na vyšší level angličtiny a biológie a zároveň poskytol spomienky na celý život. MILUJEM KANADU!

Thanks Kornelia, we loved having you with us and wish you the best!