Meet Prabhjot Singh from Strathmore High School |

Meet Prabhjot Singh from Strathmore High School

Prabjhot Singh is an international student from Dubai who has just graduated from Strathmore High School, and is about to embark on an exciting journey to the University of Toronto where he will pursue studies in Medicine.

Prab was excited about studying in Canada and found that adapting to life here was easier than he expected, crediting the people in the town being so welcoming and approachable. “When you talk to them it’s like they want to know you, your culture, where are 
you from. In fact I had an opportunity to meet many people cuz I go to Kinsman Park every day for a walk and I met many people there and some even invited me for dinner. People are really sweet and kind.”

When it comes to school, he was delighted with the helpfulness and approachability of his teachers. “Teachers here are really wonderful. You just go to your teacher and they will help you. They are just there for you and want you to ask them questions,” he said. 

Prab was also thrilled to share his experience on the SHS Rugby Team. “In Strathmore High even if you don’t know how to play they will take you on the team and train you. I never played rugby before, this is the first time...everything was amazing.” Prab was very dedicated to his team, working hard, playing hard and supporting his teammates earning him the honour of receiving the 2016 Rugby Spirit Award.

Prab’s advice to other international students: “Join sports or clubs or anything. You will make friends and have fun.”