Game night isn't just for games! |

Game night isn't just for games!

Game night is an awesome social event that is held monthly for students at the Drumheller dormitory. It is a relaxed evening activity where friends get together to play Bingo and it is a good way to chill out, have fun, and win some prizes. So much fun in fact, that they don’t even realize how much it helps them improve their English skills. And if somebody chooses to be the Caller – the one who gets up in front of the group to call out the letters and numbers – it is an even bigger confidence booster!

The February 23 event was the first game night where Drumheller homestay parents, families and students were invited to join in. It was a great way to bring dorm and homestay kids together so they could socialize as well as play the game and have fun. It also gave the homestay families a chance to meet and talk to other international students, and an opportunity for students to practice their English with new people. “The turnout was great”, said Susan Kirchner, GHSD Accommodations Lead, “and we will look into making this a tradition as the homestay families had a great itme.”

So who is the person behind the games, snacks and prizes on game night? Susan says Supervisor Bernice Fanning is the one who runs the show, and making sure the kids mingle and have fun while practicing their English is always Bernice’s priority. To add even more fun to the night, the girls in the dorm make cookies and those cookies are always a big hit. There is also pop for the kids and coffee and tea for adults.

Game night is a great way for students to get together, play Bingo, socialize, have fun, win some prizes, eat snacks and most of all have a good time.