International T-shirt Design Contest Winners |

International T-shirt Design Contest Winners

Congratulations to our International T-Shirt Design Winners!


Our winner is Akkiko Ishimoto!


Runner Up in second place is Lucinda He!


Thank you to everyone who submitted designs for our first ever International T-Shirt Design Contest! Your creative minds came up with some great designs.

Akkiko Ishimoto is a student at Drumheller Valley Secondary School. For her winning design she was awarded a $100 Visa card and will also get a t-shirt with the winning design.

Lucinda He is a student at Strathmore High School. For her second place design she received a $25 Visa card and will also get a t-shirt.

Both students did a fantastic job of illustrating their interpretation of International Education and International Students. 

Akkiko's explanation of her winning design: 


It represents a dedication and great support of International Program, as well as the countless connections such as friendships and relationships with their host families that International students establish during their study abroad experience.

Maple Leaf / Tree

I drew maple leaf, which strongly symbolizes Canada. Yet, I also shaped the maple leaf to look like a tree to propose the idea of International students' growth. International students makes extraordinary improvements by experiencing new culture and education. I believe that students can become firm and strong like a tree and grow themselves without limits. 


International students in Golden Hills School Division come from all over the world, so I drew the earth in order to indicate the great international connections between people in Canada and International students. Furthermore, this earth also represents a sunrise. I saw many students
embraced positive thoughts and strength to overcome many hardships. I thought learning in Canada makes students delightful like a sun.


I chose red for a maple leaf/ tree, because it's the best color to represent Canada. Yet, I colored the earth with yellow and used blue for the name of the program, because I wanted to incorporate my design and some features of Golden Hills International Program.