International student shines at mathematics contest |

International student shines at mathematics contest

When Alex Kim joined the Golden Hills International program In January 2013 little did he know it would only take him a few months to make his mark as a mathematics star.

Alex, a grade 9 student at Crowther Memorial Junior High School in Strathmore, recently took part in the Calgary and District 37th Junior High School Mathematics contest.  The contest takes place every spring and all grade 9 students attending school in Calgary and surrounding districts are invited to participate. On April 24th 420 students settled into their desks to eagerly write the exam, secretly hoping that their hard work would have them crowned a winner.
We are proud to announce that Alex was awarded the prestigious honour of “top student” in the 40-46th place category. He and his fellow top mathletes were honoured at a celebratory banquet held at the University of Calgary on May 29th where they were presented with certificates from the Calgary Mathematical Association acknowledging their triumph.
Congratulations Alex – great job!