DVSS students enjoy Banff experience! |

DVSS students enjoy Banff experience!

It was a beautiful fall day - perfect for a trip to Banff National Park. So off went about 60 dorm and homestay students ready for an exciting journey through the Rocky Mountains.

When everybody arrived there were a few hours of free time, giving everybody an opportunity to find a place for lunch, do some shopping and explore the Banff townsite.

After meeting everybody at COWS, the famous ice cream shop, they headed off to the Banff Hot Springs to soak in the steamy hot mineral water where travelers have come to ‘take the waters’ for over a hundred years. 100 % natural mineral water is currently flowing at the Banff Upper Hot Springs at an elevation of 1,585 meters (5,200 feet), making it the highest in Canada. Many of the students had never been to any type of hot springs and they were enthralled with the surrounding beauty as well as the invigoration of the springs. For most of the students this was their first time experiencing anything like the hot springs and they loved it - especially since the warmth of the hot springs was a welcome relief from the coolness of the fall day.

There were a few who chose not to go into the springs so they relaxed playing games in the cafe above the hot springs.

Everyone was exhausted by the end of the day and it was a trip everyone will remember!