National Child Day in Strathmore |

National Child Day in Strathmore

The Town of Strathmore has declared today, November 20th as National Child Day.

Celebrations in town include:

  • A Teddy Bear Picnic for children ages 0-6yrs. from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 at Parent Link A Blue Ribbon Campaign- ribbons can be picked up at the local library, Parent Link or Daycares prior to Wednesday. Bookmarks to be given out at the Library.
  • An encouragement for people to watch the video "We have a Voice"
  • An encouragement for people to check out the website to understand the work of 5 for Life.  An email can be sent to for any specific questions regarding this coalition's work.  Look forward to many great and exciting activities from 5 for Life this upcoming Spring!

The videos links celebrate this year's theme- "We have a voice".  They celebrate the right of children to have a voice and to be heard.  We'd love for teachers to show students these catchy videos!  As well, we'd love to hear from you as to how your kids would celebrate National Child Day if given the opportunity.  How could 5 for Life support their ideas?  Do they know they have rights?  Do they understand what those rights are?  What can you teach them about the rights they have?  Now that this day has been proclaimed in Strathmore we will be celebrating it annually and we'd love to hear your ideas for the future!

All completed work can be forwarded on to Lana Lane at the Golden Hills School Division Office.  Or, if it works to send an email, the address can be used!

The video - We have a Voice- celebrates the theme this year for National Child Day- It's under a minute long

The video of Artwork celebrating National Child Day!  This is a compilation of artwork that children did related to the rights they have. Under 3 minutes