Welcome to our 2nd semester international students! |

Welcome to our 2nd semester international students!

A heartfelt warm welcome goes out to our new students who have joined us for the second semester of the 2013-2014 school year. This semester we have 22 new students from Malaysia, China, Japan, Nigeria, Rwanda, Korea, Mexico, Ghana and Germany.

New international students may have a lot of questions about school and student life in Canada. Don’t worry though our International Program staff are here to help!

Some students may have already met Amy Mai. Amy is the Accommodations Coordinator and she is more than happy to help out with any questions or concerns about dorm or homestay accommodations. Amy can be reached at 403-901-3323.

Aaron Sturtevant is our Finance and Admissions go-to person. Aaron can help with i.e. visa renewal, paying tuition, calls to immigration or any medical insurance questions. Aaron can be reached at 403-934-5121 ext. 2050.

Dorm supervisors and homestay families are always there to offer support to international students as well.

Whatever the concern or question may be there is always somebody who can help out – just ask!