Acme School

Acme School serves the town and community of Acme, Alberta. It offers Grades1 to 6 and 10 to 12 and has just over 200 students. Acme School is a bi-campus with Dr. Elliott School in Linden. All junior high students from both towns attend Linden while all senior high students are enrolled at Acme School. The two schools jointly publish a monthly newsletter called Bi-Campus Connection. 

Acme School has a rich tradition in both academic and athletic excellence.  Many students have qualified for Alexander Rutherford Scholarships.

Many of our graduates have continued with post-secondary education at colleges and universities throughout the province and country.

Our sports teams are very successful. Many basketball and volleyball teams have won zone tournaments and entered provincial tournaments. We thank the alumni who hold a yearly volleyball and basketball tournament which is looked forward to by all. Monies raised here help keep the sports programs alive and active and help with many constructive projects. Glass backboards are just one of the many constructive projects that have been completed through these funds.

We are very proud of our focus on current technology and computer expertise. Our graduates can step into business jobs with skills many others learn in technical schools.

The community is very supportive of all the activities at the school. Many local residents have graduated from Acme School and remember their alma mater. They, in turn, are proud to have their children attend Acme School.