Crowther Memorial Junior High


Crowther Memorial is a vibrant grade 7 to 9 school providing strong support to developing adolescent students.

Students are placed within teacher groupings where their progress can be carefully monitored.  A rich educational program including fine arts, leadership and sports is offered in addition to a solid academic foundation. 

Grades: 7-9
Total Students: 600
In-School Services: School Counselor, ESL Support
Accommodations: homestay and dormitory options
Distance from School to Dormitory: Less than 3 km
Distance from School to Hospital: Next door


International student program

Crowther Memorial welcomes International students, focussing on integration with the Canadian students first and foremost. Canadian “Ambassadors” are assigned to each International student when they register and a welcome party is held for all students and their Ambassadors. Throughout the year this group meets for special gatherings and meals. When an International student leaves the school, we gather together to celebrate their time with us with cake or treats and small gifts are given. In the past there have been off-campus field trips celebrating Canadian culture.

Twice a year we hold the International Cafe a luncheon where each student makes their favorite recipe from home and everyone samples the authentic international foods.  An ESL program is also offered to students depending on their needs. Additional support beyond the classroom teacher and ESL support program can be arranged in partnership with the homestay parent and/or the dormitory supervisor. If needed tutoring is done at the dormitory, at the homestay or if appropriate at the school after hours. Tutoring costs are the responsibility of the international student/family. As needed international students are provided assistance with application forms, letters of recommendation and commendation for a variety of private and public secondary high schools in North America. 


Academics and special interest courses

Core academic subjects are offered including Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science.  French is offered as a Second Language subject.  Academic enrichment in core subjects is offered if appropriate.  Daily physical education classes are provided and several optional courses are offered including computers, art, drama, home economics, industrial education, band, and video production.  Students are recognized and awarded for academic achievement and citizenship.

A leadership course is also offered which takes students off campus to experience volunteerism within elementary schools, seniors, service clubs and community service.  Our students have been recognized for community contribution, artistic ability and athletic skills as well as achievement in spelling bees and geography challenge competitions.


Student Activities and Clubs

In addition to core and optional courses, students can participate in a variety of clubs and activities at the school such as art and drama club, theatre productions, jazz band, lunchtime games and library club.


School Athletics

In-school sports include volleyball, basketball, badminton, rugby, track and field, cross country running and intramurals. School teams are selected based on the number of students trying out and the amount of interest.  All students have an opportunity to be on a school sports team.

Many other sports and activities are available within the Strathmore community including football, dance, martial arts, swimming, soccer, baseball, hockey, and gymnastics. Anybody who is interested just needs to register for most of these activities to participate.