Dr. Elliott School

At Dr. Elliott School we are committed to "Caring, Sharing, and Excellence".

It is our desire to help each child achieve his/her potential academically, socially and morally. We believe that education is the shared responsibility of children, teachers, and parents. Within the Dr. Elliott School family, we recognize the uniqueness of each member keeping in mind our theme of "Caring, Sharing, and Excellence". We have a student population around 250 and operate as a bi-campus with Acme School. Junior high students from Acme and Linden areas attend Dr. Elliott School. High School students from both communities attend Acme School.

Dr. Elliott School is located in the village of Linden (population 630), Alberta's rural industrial capital. Linden is home to suppliers, designers, and builders for agri-business and other markets, and offers a rural quality of life that is hard to match.

The philosophy at Dr. Elliott School has staff, students, parents and the community collaborating to create a superior learning environment. Dr. Elliott School traditionally has high academic achievement complemented by strong extra-curricular and fine arts programs.