Greentree School was built as a junior high school in the mid-1960s in a new subdivision of Drumheller named after Tom Greentree, one of the original settlers. In the 1970s and 1980s it began a transition from middle school to upper elementary, and in 2003 became a kindergarten through grade six facility. The old shop area has been transformed into a modern, attractive library, computer lab, and art room complex. We have a breakfast/cooking/canteen area in the old home economics room, a full-sized gym, and two learning assistance rooms for special programs.
Greentree School is part of the Professional Learning Communities movement, ensuring that our staff collaborates to provide excellent learning opportunities for our students. Character development is another major goal in our school, so Dr. Michele Borba's Virtues program is utilized, as well as many other approaches to develop a caring, respectful, responsible, and safe environment. We offer intra-murals, after school sports, choir, band, peer mediation and special afternoon and evening events. We have special programs designed to meet the individual learning needs of every student.

Greentree School Council is dedicated to ensuring a positive learning environment for their children. 

Our school motto, "Sharing, caring,  learning and growing together