Prairie Christian Academy


Prairie Christian Academy (PCA) is a non-denominational Christian school for preschool to Grade 12 students. Located in beautiful Three Hills, Alberta, we offer a full-service on-campus dormitory program, vibrant fine arts program, competitive athletics and above all Christ-centred education.

Grades: K-12
Total Students: 350
In-School Services: Guidance Counselor, ESL
Accommodations: Homestay and Dormitory Options
Distance from School to Dormitory: 0.25 km
Distance from School to Hospital: 1.5 km

International Student Program

Prairie Christian Academy (PCA) welcomes international students to their Christian centered academic and co-curricular program.  ESL programming is provided to students through one-on-one support for language acquisition and homework support.  Extra tutoring is available to all students by classroom teachers after class. Residence students have access to the peer tutor network in the residence in the evenings.  Private tutoring can also be arranged for a fee.  The school counselor, admissions clerk and residence staff work together to provide assistance with post-secondary choices and applications. The school Principal coordinates timetables with all students.  International students attending Prairie Christian Academy are quickly integrated into the school through the friends they make in the residence program.  Weekends are often spent with local students.  International students host a food fair at the school to share their culture.  In the past, International Education Week has been celebrated with a Sushi dinner in Calgary. Residence trips to Banff, Calgary and Edmonton are arranged to promote social development.


Prairie Christian Academy Elementary (K-6)

Prairie Christian Academy successfully integrates the essentials of the Christian faith into a provincially accredited curriculum. The school program is aimed at the vigorous and balanced development of the whole child – spiritually, academically, physically, emotionally and socially. Elementary students are provided instruction in the areas of Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, Physical Education, Bible Study, Health, Music, Communication, and Technology Studies.  Students also take part in additional activities and learning situations such as the Student Ministry and Field Trips.


Prairie Christian Academy Secondary (7-12)

Through excellent Christ-centered academic and co-curricular programs, Prairie Christian Academy partners with families to educate students to think and act Christianly, constructively, and critically. The school offers core subjects such Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies as well as many complimentary and optional courses including Physical Education, woodworking, automotives, fashion studies, Business Information Technology.  Students can also participate in “His Singers”, an audition choir, worship teams, and mission trips to different areas of the world.



In-school sports include football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, hockey, badminton, track & field, cross country running, and golf.  Tryouts are held for most teams, but some accept all applicants.  Other sports and activities are available within the Three Hills community including dance, drama, soccer, baseball, swimming, and curling.  Those interested just need to register to participate in these activities.