Strathmore High School

Strathmore High School has approximately 750 students in grades 10 to 12. Academic, vocational and a wide variety of Career and Technology Studies (CTS) courses are offered in addition to numerous co-curricular programs. We are proud of our ability to meet the educational needs of our students and to provide a rich, diverse environment in which the students are encouraged to take on leadership roles.

Grades: 10-12
Total Students: 750
In-School Services: Guidance Counselor, ESL Support, Advanced Placement courses
Accommodations: Homestay and Dormitory Options
Distance from School to Dormitory: 5 km
Transportation: Walking, school bus, and taxi services
Distance from School to Hospital: 0.5 km

International Student Program

Strathmore High School welcomes international students and provides support to them in many ways. The ESL program includes ESL classes, ESL counselling and regular curriculum English courses specifically for ESL learners. Extra tutoring is available through a tutor coordinator who matches the student’s needs with available tutors. The counselling department and ESL coordinator can also assist international students with applications to post-secondary schools. Integration of international students with Canadian students is supported in a variety of ways throughout the school year. Special events focussing on the international program include the International Barbeque and International Recognition week. Flags of the visiting students are flown at the school and there is a map with their pictures linked to their home cities.

Strathmore High recognizes various achievements of students through the Breakfast of Champions program, Recognition letters, as well as Merit Board and Honor Roll for academic achievements.


Core Courses

English Language Arts
Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Social Studies
Career & Life Management
Physical Education


Advanced Placement

AP English Literature
AP British Literature
AP Math 31 Calculus
AP Biology
AP Chemistry



Communication Technology Financial Management
Construction Technology Food Studies
Cosmetology Health and Wellness
Design Studies Management & Marketing
Fabrication Studies Multimedia & Web Design
Fashion Studies Office Applications


Special Interest

Art Psychology
Dance Sports Medicine
Drama Tech Works
Forensics World Religions
Jewelry Making Work Experience
Music Registered Apprenticeship Program



French, Blackfoot, ESL Program



Boys' Volleyball Cross Country
Girls' Volleyball Curling
Boys' Basketball Football
Girls' Basketball Golf
Boys' Soccer Rugby
Girls' Soccer Swim Team
Badminton Track & Field
Hockey Program  


Student Activities & Clubs

Some activities and/or clubs may not be available as they depend on how many students are interested.

Connections Multicultural Camp Rodeo Club
Debate Club and Model UN Scrapbooking
Encounters in Canada SCL (Student Leadership)
LEO Club Strathmore Idol
Math Contests Theatre Sports
Multicultural Club Tutor Club
Newspaper Club Weight Room
Reach Yearbook

Most school sports teams are selected through tryouts. Other sports are available within the community including hockey, ringette, curling, figure skating, lacrosse, baseball, and soccer. Some community sports require try-outs while others allow any participants to register. There are also many other clubs and activities available in the community such as dance and Air Cadets. Students also have the opportunity to participate in special trips including yearly national and international excursions.