Chillin' at a Great Winter Escape |

Chillin' at a Great Winter Escape

We've had an interesting winter in Alberta so far - we were walking around in +15 weather at the beginning of December only to plunge to -40 at the end of December! Thank goodness for Chinooks which brought us back to -5 degrees again!

Despite the ups and downs of this winter in Alberta, some brave souls journeyed out to rural southern Alberta to the Southern Alberta Bible Camp for a few days of fellowship and fun!

Students came from Strathmore High School, Drumheller Valley Secondary School, Three Hills School and Prairie Christian Academy.  There were tons of fun activities and games including archery, wall climbing, laser tag, and a variety of team-building activities. But there was a lot of free time too, where they could play in the gym or just hang out with friends. The cold was no deterrent for these students and they even braved the snow and cold to sing songs around a campfire outside! "O Canada" has never sounded so good!

Movie night was enjoyed by all as they watched "Cool Runnings", a hilarious story about Jamaica's first ever bobsled team to compete in the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics and all of the antics that they encountered as newcomers to Canada.

The awesome camp activities and chill time with friends made this a fantastic retreat that was unforgettable!