When it comes to sports our international students are golden! |

When it comes to sports our international students are golden!

Golden Hills International is extremely proud of our international students who have shown their talent in a number of sports teams at Strathmore High School (SHS).

Joining a sporting team, association or club provides great benefits for international students aside from the simple pleasure of the sport itself:

  • Any opportunity to speak English is great practice.
  • Culture is one of the biggest hurdles that international students face when trying to assimilate into Canadian culture. Sport plays a major role in Canada and in our Canadian schools. Being able to contribute to conversations about sports helps students feel more comfortable speaking and helps them develop an understanding of communicating with individuals and large groups.
  • Working in a team is an important part of any professional career. Participating in sports is an easy way to enhance this skill.

SHS recognizes and honors the top athletic accomplishments of their students at the annual Strathmore High School Sports Awards Banquet. This year the awards were held on Tuesday, June 12, 2018, at the high school. As with all sports banquets, it was a time that seasons were summed up and dreams were encouraged. It was a night to celebrate SHS student-athletes: their energy, camaraderie, teamwork, excellence and, of course, their love of sport.

The evening started with dinner and was followed by each coach presenting awards and making a speech about the successful conclusion of their season, recognizing the recipients' achievements and noting why that person was receiving the award. We are proud to announce that six of our international students received awards at the banquet. 

Girls Soccer

Alejandra Lafuente, Mexico                            Award:  Rookie of the Year
2nd from right


Boys Soccer

Masato Otsuka, Japan                                   Award:  Rookie of the Year
3rd from right


Jassjot Singh, India                                       Award:  Spartan Pride
2nd from right



Jassjot Singh, India                                   Award:  Most Improved Player
Left end



Ethan Chow, Hong Kong                             Award:  Most Improved Player


Boys Rugby

Nathan Gong, Korea                                    Award:  Most Improved Player
4th from left
Jassjot Singh, India                                      Award:  Back of the Year
3rd from right
Martin Cheung, Hong Kong                          Award:  Spartan Pride
2nd from right