Awards Night at Strathmore High School |

Awards Night at Strathmore High School

It's awards season and Strathmore High School celebrated by honoring the hard work and talent of many of their students.

The Golden Hills International program is proud to recognize all of our graduates, amongst whom there were winners of some of the top honors at the SHS graduation ceremony.

Golden Hills International has a track record of developing high achieving, dedicated students who go on to succeed in post-secondary education and employment in their home countries, here in Canada and abroad. 

Congratulations to all of our award winners and graduates from this year. Lots of hard work and focus has gone into getting to this point and we are proud of all of you.

Caroline Weibel - Switzerland
Top Student Biology 20, Top Student Chemistry 20, Top Student Drama 20

Shion Hirano - Japan
Top Student Social Studies 10-2

Kavi Bakshi - India
Top Student Social Studies 30-2

Mina Ikeda - Japan
Top Student Mathematics 20-2
Top Student Glee 25

Lucinda He - Hong Kong
Top Student AP Calculus

Julia Matsumoto - Japan
Top Student Spanish 20

Ami Uemura - Japan
Top Student French 10

Maria Dulce Ramirez - Spain
Top Student French 30

Alejandra LaFuente - Mexico
Top Student Dance 25

Chloe Yoa - Hong Kong
Top Student Art 30

Karlo Sotelo - Mexico
Top Student Photography 30

Sarah Afolayan - Nigeria
Edward and Hazel Risdon Award - To a deserving student entering a trade program