Soccer Victory! |

Soccer Victory!

The Three Hills boys’ U19 soccer team beat the Olds soccer team to come away with the gold medal in their district playoff tournament June 15th.

This is particularly notable for the international program since international students from Prairie Christian Academy and Three Hills School make up half the team! 

Michael Uwalaka and Taro Arano both scored goals in this game to help their team to victory. Other key players on the team are: Till Naujoks, Henry Wu, Shun Mimoto, Isaac Yip, Ryan Seto, and Fred Song.


The U15 boys team also came away with gold in districts with the help of Three Hills School and Prairie Christian Academy international students Marvin Uwalaka, Sujiri Adekwu and Kaito Yasumitsu.


Winning gold in districts now means both of these teams will head to provincials at the beginning of July!