Orientation 2019 was a blast! |

Orientation 2019 was a blast!

Welcome everybody you will have a super fantastic time at Golden Hills!

That was the message throughout the 2019 orientation that took place on September 7, 2019. Students from all dorms and homestays were excited to meet each other and friendships were forged on the spot! 

It was also an opportunity for students to get information about our expectations from them as students at school and at their accommodations in dorms or homestays, as well as what our team offers them. Students broke into groups and rotated through five different sessions.

Activities included the activity plan for the year, how to sign up, how to stay in contact, waiver forms, getting out into the community, giving flight information (for returning home), and the shuttle bus. It also included some helpful tips about how to adjust to rooming with people at your dorm or living with your new homestay family.

Accommodations covered dorm and homestay guidelines, general student expectations (e.g., alcohol, substances, smoking, vaping; sleepover and driving waivers; etc.), GHI's behavior protocol, and behavior/academic contracts. Culture shock was also discussed so students could be aware of the signs and symptoms, know when to ask for help and most importantly to know that our team is there to help them.

Keep.meSAFE services were presented. This included the confidential helpline, Mobile Doctor, and the My SSP app.

Planning for Academic Success provided information about attendance, diplomas and final exams, cell phone use, plagiarism, extracurricular activities, sleep and physical activity, important school contacts, and acting quickly on any academic issues that come up.

Staying healthy was presented by two staff from Alberta Health Services. They spoke about nutrition, sleep, hygiene, physical activity, and smoking/vaping.

It was a great day of having fun, making new friends and preparing for a great school year at Golden Hills.