What makes our schools really incredible?

Golden Hills School Division encompasses a vast geographical area across rural mid-eastern Alberta. We value our diverse environments and the communities we are part of that are rich with culture and educational opportunities. But what makes our schools really incredible? Our students are inspired by outstanding teachers and our international students welcomed with open arms. Our dormitory leaders and homestay parents nurture and encourage students and help make their residence both a place they can call home and a sanctuary where they can relax and study. Home is where the heart is and our students are always at home at Golden Hills International.




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When it comes to sports our international students are golden!

Golden Hills International is extremely proud of our international students who have shown their talent in a number of sports teams at Strathmore High School (SHS). Joining a sporting team, association or club provides great benefits for international students aside from the simple pleasure of the sport itself: Any opportunity to speak English is great practice. Culture is one of the b...

George Freeman K-9 School to Open September 2018

Strathmore's new K-9 school is set to open September 2018! Things are moving along quickly and the new school and recreational center will be a fantastic addition to the Golden Hills school family. Watch the video below to find out more about our great new school!  

Sawade Pee Mai 2018 - Happy Songkran!

As the New Year begins, wishes for happiness,  prosperity and peace are flowing your way. HAPPY SONGKRAN!  

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