What makes our schools really incredible?

Golden Hills School Division encompasses a vast geographical area across rural mid-eastern Alberta. We value our diverse environments and the communities we are part of that are rich with culture and educational opportunities. But what makes our schools really incredible? Our students are inspired by outstanding teachers and our international students are welcomed with open arms. Our dormitory leaders and homestay parents nurture and encourage students and help make their residence both a place they can call home and a sanctuary where they can relax and study. Your heart will always be at home and at Golden Hills International you will always feel at home.




News Stories

Three Hills School celebrates International Education Week

International Education Week takes place every year during the third week of November and is celebrated by more than 100 countries. The week highlights programs and activities that give students and educators the opportunity to see the world through an international lens. This year Three Hills School started each day throughout the week by playing a different national anthem on the intercom eac...

Having a spooktacular time carving pumpkins!

Halloween is just around the corner and students at the DVSS dorm got into the spirit by having a pumpkin carving party! Carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns is a common practice on Halloween. You cut the top off the pumpkin, scoop out the middle, carve a face, image or word into the pumpkin and pop a candle or light of some kind in the pumpkin and watch it glow. Some of the students chose t...

Orientation 2019 was a blast!

Welcome everybody you will have a super fantastic time at Golden Hills! That was the message throughout the 2019 orientation that took place on September 7, 2019. Students from all dorms and homestays were excited to meet each other and friendships were forged on the spot!  It was also an opportunity for students to get information about our expectations from them as students at school and...

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